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Marine Surveys by JBL Marine, Inc., Joseph B. Lobley, SAMS® AMS®, Waldoboro Joseph Lobley has been actively surveying both recreational and small commercial vessels since 1995. He is ready to work for you and brings with him advanced knowledge in all aspects of vessel construction, a life time of marine industry experience, and all the necessary tools to properly perform a marine survey. Joe is held in high regard among his colleagues and maintains a high level of ethical business practices.

Anyone looking to hire a surveyor should always ask these questions: Are you qualified and capable of doing this survey? Can you perform this survey objectively and without bias? Can I expect a well written and detailed report with in several days of the inspection? If the answer isn't a confident YES, then find another surveyor. Joe prides himself on having a wide ranging understanding of construction techniques and systems installation, maintains good physical fitness, and is diligent in getting reports back to clients within a few days.

Marine Surveys by JBL Marine, Inc., Joseph B. Lobley, SAMS® AMS®, Waldoboro Pre-Purchase and Condition and Valuation Surveys, Appraisals, Damage Surveys, and Consulting are all offered at competitive rates. Any expense reimbursement is discussed before the survey begins. One very important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as an "expert" in this field. Joe will always advise about hiring industry specialists to handle sensitive areas of a survey or simply decline the job if it is beyond his training and expertise. "The only rules that matter are these. What a man can do and what a man can't do" Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Don't hesitate to call Joe to discuss your individual needs. But remember he never answers his mobile phone during a survey because that is not fair to the client he's working for at that time.

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